“A tribe called Tribe was brought to life around three years ago by a group of friends including myself; Elias Merheb, Raphael Merheb, Jad Roufca, Anthony Bou Malhab and Imad Bittar.

We are a collective – which means we try to bring in different visions of art culture through music and performances in order to create a hub for a community that shares the same mindset and is looking for a good time. We always strive to be original in terms of party setting and concept. We do this because we enjoy it and we love when others can enjoy it with us – this is why we try to collaborate with people from all over. We’re basically sharing the love of music and life with each other.

Since the Revolution of October 2019, we’ve been having a tough time. We pulled through, we had a couple of great and fulfilling parties. Then came the economical crisis and the global pandemic which paralyzed the clubbing scene completely.

Today, given all that has happened and is still happening, we need to pull through once again – if not to survive, then to release all that is weighed upon our shoulders so we will embrace the next phase and start planning for the coming events; even if it means we have to start small and then slowly transition into our natural habitat.”

3lias A.K.A Elias Merheb