No Joke Radio

“No Joke Radio is a web radio as well as an international network of DJs, producers, and musicians.


It promotes underground music and musical scenes, both inside and outside Europe, and aims at being a platform in which musicians of every kind and form can share their experiences, get to know each other’s works, and be noted by the right public, interested in getting in touch with new and stimulating musical experiences. We carry out our work mainly by publishing several mixes per month on our SoundCloud channel, as well as 2 original radio shows per month currently aired on  Bologna-based web radio NEU Radio.


Throughout the pandemic, we were facing multiple and mixed feelings. On one hand, we experienced the dramatic impact that it had on live shows, DJ sets, and concert, being involved as we are in organizing events both in Italy as well as in Germany. On the other hand, we saw an incredible amount of new music and musicians popping up on the internet. We hosted many live streaming DJ sets to compensate for the absence of events and received actually a lot of positive feedback from artists, producers, and DJs wanting to get involved. We got in touch with many new artists as well as musical enterprises, thanks to the increase of internet-based streaming shows and generally speaking, social media activity.


All in all, I guess we did the very best we could out of a very very different situation for musicians and artists overall.


here are some cool sets:


NJR hosts Emanuele Triglia:


No Joke with NEU Radio with Davide Grigatti (No Joke Radio co-founder):


Niso Tozzi when asked about No Joke Radio.