I see you get out of the pool
Making of me nothing but a fool
Is it the sun or the golden hair
Stranded body on the chair
It’s nowhere near fair
Your eyes meeting mine
The blue oceans that shine

I bet your lips flavoured of lime
Bitter the taste
Bitter…Bittersweet my burning desire

It’s okay, no one knows…
Time slows
I bet you ain’t got no flaws
Your soft skin shows
It’s okay, no one knows…

Nothing to offer but my indigo crows
Praying for The Gods above to make their blows
May, to my heartbeat, they beckon you close
So one day you’ll be mine, no one knows

Bitter…bittersweet my burning desire
My eyes tell that yours are also on fire
Don’t cut off that wire
Connecting my silent cry with your welcoming shire
If the Gods above forbid and you were about to quit
A modest warning in prior
From your pride standing higher
Would calm my bitter burning desire

It is okay, no one knows anyway…
And as you turn away
Just return the breaths you took away
It is okay, for I will never forget this day.

– 12/11/20 18:22 – Poem written By XGOD –

Acrylic and Ink Painting on Paper By XGOD