In the darkness of the night
I wake up not as myself
But as the beast within
Tripping on my own fears
High on my tears
With blurry Visions
Gloomy thoughts
Skull, Shell and Soul
Feeling nothing but sore regrets
Limp my way through the mystic path
Was I seen from above you’d think I’m insane
These Woods in limbo they remain

Is it snow?
Or just my manifesting turmoil!
Am I too slow?
Or just dithered to walk on the quivering soil!

Yahfoufa, Bekaa, Lebanon, 2017 by XGOD

I reach the weary wherry by the sullen river
My crimson blood transfiguring into dark
ether, quenching the murky waters
Dark as a crow’s feather in a King’s funeral
Fake as his Queen’s dreadful tear, falling lightly on his grave
A victim of her stratagem and a consent which he never gave

Meghrak, Batroun, Lebanon, 2019 by XGOD

At this state, of no state
Knees on the ground
Head towards the dark Tyrian purple sky
Abruptly, I test my pulse as Gideon tested his
The touch of my decaying skin
The silence of a cold missing heart
Pressing my muddied shivering hand on my
I feel nothing but a faint vibrating rhythm
A chant of triumph
A symphony of demise
A farewell of compromise
I shut my eyes
It seems wise

Chtoura, Zahle, Lebanon, 2017 by XGOD

In the darkness of the night
I wake up not as myself
But as the ignorant beast within

XGOD – 19/01 /21- 02:35 AM