Loss Of All



The square is empty now
But not the streets
We’re restoring houses now
making sure everybody eats
Rebuilding homes
In the hopes
Of making a country
We call our own
Without the gnomes
Without the ropes
Without the useless gentry
The martyrs left the square
Victims everywhere
In every house, every family
For every friend, a brutality
A story told in sit downs
A sit-down group-therapy
We all suffered something
We all have anxiety
We all share a pain
كفاف يومنا
In every story
A miracle unfolds
Telling of the gory
Low and behold
When I was bold and rolled
Out of the August cold
And my shape was re-mold
By fragments of glass
That cut and are stuck in my ass
When a tree fell on me
But thankfully I got free
When the blow threw me on the
And the door followed the fall
When I lost my car
Parked next to the collapsed bar
And cut my face, lost my eye
But here I am alive and not blind
Here I am, losing my mind
At every sound
Every hound or door that
I’m in constant fear
Whenever I hear
A blow a throw or a window
Weeping willow
On my pillow tears amass
And become th is mass
I can’t let go
Crushing me
Suffocating me
killing me
But here I am
Alive and not blind
Alive and you’re on my mind


Poem by Elige Abou Youness

Artwork by Jad Ghobry