Artist: Papa Soul
Title: Moody Type Love Pt.II EP
Label: Feedasoul Records
Catalogue No: FAS060
Release Date: 27th August 2021
Format: Digital, Streaming





Lebanese imprint Feedasoul Records returns this August with ‘Moody Type Love
Pt.II’ by Papa Soul, accompanied by remixes from Soul Groove (UK) and DJ Merci.

Byblos, Lebanon’s Papa Soul is co-founder of the Feedasoul Records label and over the past few years has unveiled a series of material showcasing his twist on contemporary house sounds. Here he returns to the label for the second instalment of his ‘Moody Type Love’ EP.

The original mix of ‘Moody Type Love Pt. II’ leads the release and showcases Papa Soul’s signature style via groove-laden, sample heavy drums, soul-infused vocals and warm, hypnotic keys.

DJ Merci’s take on ‘Moody Type Love Pt. II’ follows next, embracing a garage swing
rhythmically while stirring in bright electric piano keys and snaking bass grooves. Soul Groove (UK) then rounds thing out with his interpretation, embracing a more jazz-tinged, soulful aesthetic via organic percussion and intricate brass lines atop elements of the original’s hazy soulful vibe.

Track List:

1. Moody Type Love Pt. II
2. Moody Type Love Pt. II (DJ Merci Remix)
3. Moody Type Love Pt. II (Soul Groove (UK) Remix)


Papa Soul A.K.A Majd Al Alam is releasing the last track he worked on before he left the country, I have never written blogs, I don’t know if I have to keep the robotic tone or express how much his person and his music had an effect on my life and on many others. Your country Majd, unfortunately, does not miss you, your country doesn’t want you here, doesn’t appreciate you nor any other artist. Eventually, we’re living in on a train that moves forward, no looking back.

On behalf of everyone who appreciates what you did for the scene in Lebanon, thank you.

Here’s what Majd had to say:

“I had been reminded recently how lucky I am, to have known exactly what it is I wanted to be and do since I was a kid, and being able to live out a dream of mine for the bulk of my adult life. Almost 15 years I’ve been doing this, a lot of it has passed me by without me stopping to really take it all in and appreciate it while it was happening, we rarely take time to stop and smell the flowers. My early to late 20s have been a blessing.

This track has a bit more than music about it, I recorded a this a few days after selling off most of my gear, and broke down the studio space I called home for 5 years, laughing, crying, hanging with friends, making music, building a label in. If you remember anything about me you’ll remember the door always open and the music blasting out of a dark room (everybody always told me it was too dark in there).

The days building up to me leaving Lebanon had been a bit hectic, and I rarely found time to be alone. I was constantly surrounded by friends and loved ones. But after a few days the boys were away and i found a minute to sit down with my thoughts. A lot of things were going through my mind, but one of them stuck with me. I was remembering some of the times I’ve shared with people because of this music thing, so many great people, I’ve learned so much from, laughed so much with, and was able to be a version of myself i had always wanted to be with. In short thank you, for letting me be me and rocking with me for so long, beyond this music shit, beyond dance floors and DJ bullshit, thank you for taking the time to get to know Majd and not Papa soul, for those times and conversations I am truly thankful.

I have come to affiliate the name Papa Soul with times lost, it seems like a lifetime ago for some reason. Waking up grabbing a coffee and going down to the shop, checking with the boys what time we were going to play tonight because I always forget, definitely asking one of them for help with a USB problem because I’m a complete technology fuck up. The ride down, picking up friends along the way, chilling in the lounge before we go out to play (always having a heart to heart with someone at that point). Dancing for hours and definitely playing music too loud in any club or any room (my fucked up hearing can attest to that one). Anyway you get the point, I’m sure every weekend felt that same to all of us, taken away from us a bit too early for my liking.

Part II is for all those moments, it’s the soundtrack that has been playing in my head throughout all those little moments. And this will be my last release as Papa Soul, it has been a while coming and I would like to retire that name for that time.

It’s been a beautiful thing getting to experience all these moments the last five years and I thank anyone who played any role in them, good and bad.

Basically I’m finally stopping to smell the flowers now…


Listen here: