Audioblend, Producer and Drummer, tends to merge pieces of deep harmonies through a touch of Jazz, Disco, Soul and Funk with a dose of wibbly bass as its essence blended them all together in a House smoothie in order to come up with the finest High-techeruption. He runs a roving house, disco, and techno Tv station called “RailwayStation Tv” with friends and partners who share the same passion to music.


Gaya has established herself as one of the brightest talents to emerge from the Beirut scene in recent years, combining passion, integrity and talent to launch a successful multi-faceted career & playing in the biggest clubs in region (B018, The Garten, The Grand Factory).
On the other side, Gaya has revealed her interest in music production as she started working on her skills and discovering the sound she wants to produce.
Her first release will be on Arab House Collective “AHC”.

Ryan / Retrakt

Ryan Wehbe is a Lebanese audio engineer, label partner and music enthusiast. Aside from designing sound systems and his work with Feedasoul Records, Ryan enjoys Jazz, especially London’s take on it.
Coming from a background of electronic music, and having lived in London, he gravitated towards its culturally-diverse Jazz, Nu-jazz and Broken Beat scene.
His sets on the Feedasoul Radio Show typically showcase a left-field selection of predominantly Jazz, Broken Beat and Electronic music.

Eli Atala

Born away from the city, Eli invaded Beirut in the late 90’s and ever since has established himself as the most lovable teddy bear gummy guru of the younger generation of DJs and Electronic Music producers. He might barely see you, but he sure can hear you, and most of all, you will hear him.


With an early career dating back to 2008, Patch landed a certain name for him self in the Lebanese electronic music scene where he established a vast base in house music since the beginning. 

Over a decade afar from the start line, Patch roamed the biggest clubs in the region and even after all those years he remained loyal to his sound no matter where he was playing. 

Growing bored of just DJing, in early 2017 he Co-founded with a group of friends, Feedasoul Records, an independent House-Based record Label which was the turnover of his career. As the label grew bigger so did Patch. 

Elias Steve / Alalasta

Elias was born and raised in Zahle and trained as a drummer before assuming the Alalasta stage name in 2008.
Being introduced to the music of the likes of Calibre, Roni Size, and DLR have lead him to pursue new styles, delving into drum & bass and jungle. Alalasta’s music is heavily inspired by the UK drum n bass/jungle underground scene, his musical style focuses on heavy percussive beats and catchy bass-lines with unparalleled groove.
Previously, Elias was heavily involved in raising the music scene in Zahle, collaborating with Ambassade de France to organize Zahle’s very first Fête de la Musique as well as co-founding Poussière D’étoiles, Alalasta Afrobeat, and organizing dozens of live music events in Lebanon.


Originally from Beirut, Lyss is the co-founder of the female collective Caucus Kollektiv.
She began to take an interest in electronic music and more specifically in industrial techno from the age of 17 and decided to how learn to mix in order to create her own collective.
Based in Paris, her selection varies between house, disco, breakbeat, minimal and electro combining old-school and new sounds.


Moses started digging for music in the early 2000’s, he first started as an event organizer, collaborating with Beattunes to showcase new talented Lebanese DJs, then created the blog “The Future Sound of House” who got more than 2 millions visitors in less than 3 years, before he took it down. In 2009 he started DJing “by chance”, replacing his friend Elias Steve on one Friday night!..
For many years his music diversity allowed him to play in many pubs around Lebanon, his music ranges from electronic, hip hop, latino, rock & jazz.
For the last year he was working on his own show “Moses Jazz Sessions” on Railway Station, playing classic, modern, funk, fusion and oriental jazz.

Sirk9 / Kris

Srik9 has been an avid music collector since 2008. He is interested in a wide diversity of music genres and has a massive interest in seeing the effects of everything the region is going through on the evolution of music in the Middle East. He draws his inspiration from an abandoned, rusty Train Station in his hometown that has been recaptured by nature.


Mido Taha is a Co-founder of the Lebanese Psychedelic Community “PSYLEB”, born in 1983, in Beirut, Lebanon. Grew up in Beirut, but traveled around the world, experiencing the clubbing & rave scenes all over, and started DJing at the age of 17.
Along with DJ PSYCHOGENESIS & 2 other friends decided to Launch “PSYLEB” as the first Online psychedelic community Forum in the Arab world, dedicated to psytrance and the psy culture on the 21st of June 2006, and later successfully organized the 1st Psychedelic & electronic music festival in Lebanon, “FORESTRONIKA FESTIVAL in 2008.
At the end of 2008, Dark Dragon started exploring into other genres than Dark Psy, such as Drum n Bass, Hardcore, Dubstep and others, and with that the Dragon evolved into Cyber Dragon, spinning those genres as well as psytrance from the beginning of 2009…


Rolbac, a virtuoso in the underground house and techno Lebanese scene has emerged as a magnetic force reputed for his colossal sound. He operates with the methodical precision of the automated devices beneath his fingers; devices he unscrupulously manipulates to behave as he desires.