Moody type love Part II

    Artist: Papa Soul Title: Moody Type Love Pt.II EP Label: Feedasoul Records Catalogue No: FAS060 Release Date: 27th August 2021 Format: Digital, Streaming         Lebanese imprint Feedasoul Records returns this August with ‘Moody Type Love Pt.II’ by Papa Soul, accompanied by remixes from Soul Groove (UK) and DJ Merci. Byblos, […]

Loss Of All

Loss Of All     The square is empty now But not the streets We’re restoring houses now making sure everybody eats Rebuilding homes In the hopes Of making a country We call our own Without the gnomes Without the ropes Without the useless gentry The martyrs left the square Victims everywhere In every house, […]

“The Spirit Of Music” – Mark Adams

    “Musicians are essential,” a proud sentence written on Mark Adams’s shirt set the tone for the two-hour invigorating conversation I had with him. I asked the pianist about everything from the quarantine, to his musical beginnings, teaching, his favourite records, Tarab, instruments, Roy Ayers, Herbie Hancock… in what felt like an actual studio […]

For My People

For My People (I want You to Get Together): A Five-track Compilation Fundraising for the Beirut Crisis Relief. The Cause: Humanitarianism has never confined itself to borders or regions; on the contrary, it is a global phenomenon aiming to make the world a slightly better place. That being said, let us tell you about our […]

No Joke Radio

“No Joke Radio is a web radio as well as an international network of DJs, producers, and musicians. It promotes underground music and musical scenes, both inside and outside Europe, and aims at being a platform in which musicians of every kind and form can share their experiences, get to know each other’s works, and […]

A Tribe Called Tribe

“A tribe called Tribe was brought to life around three years ago by a group of friends including myself; Elias Merheb, Raphael Merheb, Jad Roufca, Anthony Bou Malhab and Imad Bittar. We are a collective – which means we try to bring in different visions of art culture through music and performances in order to […]

Dust off

The explosion that hit Beirut on August 4 left me devastated. Personally, it affected me in a way I never thought possible. It made me incapable of listening to music and left me unsatisfied with the music I was making and listening to. I felt like I must create something new. Something birthed out of […]