No Man’s Land​

Puzzled as my still Riddled as my will A lost man in no man’s land A man destined to understand What does it take to live? After I refused to give After I refused to ask Waiting for my late epiphany at dusk To become myself Strange as a timeworn bookshelf Unwillingly forcing myself to […]


Unorthodox We are left with no time at all Remember you mustn’t tell a soul That’s if they don’t already know it all Let’s run free for the sex for the money for the eternity Are you staying or running away Baby, it’s about time, we cannot afford a delay I’m not taking risks anymore […]


If you were Bread I’d rather suffer from anorexia If you were Wine I’d rather drink my blood If you were Messiah I’d rather be a Judas If you were Devil I’d rather be a holy church   If you were Home I’d rather be cold If you were Country I’d rather be the enemy […]

“سجين الحجر “

استيقظت مبكرًا رغم العناد. دخلت الحمام رغم الإحباط. نظرت في المرآة رغم الاشمئزاز. لم أعد اتعرف على نفسي في انعكاس صورتي. جثةٌ ضخمةٌ، جلدًا ولحمًا، مسيّرة لكن لا تسير. وجهًا غابت ملامحهُ. ما عاد لصوتي صدى، أمّا لساني إلى السكون ضبا.