Loss Of All

Loss Of All     The square is empty now But not the streets We’re restoring houses now making sure everybody eats Rebuilding homes In the hopes Of making a country We call our own Without the gnomes Without the ropes Without the useless gentry The martyrs left the square Victims everywhere In every house, […]

“The Spirit Of Music” – Mark Adams

    “Musicians are essential,” a proud sentence written on Mark Adams’s shirt set the tone for the two-hour invigorating conversation I had with him. I asked the pianist about everything from the quarantine, to his musical beginnings, teaching, his favourite records, Tarab, instruments, Roy Ayers, Herbie Hancock… in what felt like an actual studio […]

On the creation of rituals | On self destructing

On the creation of rituals Every time I am back home, confined, I go back to shooting our kitchen window. There’s nothing special about this window, but every time I am home it’s like the window is calling me. I shot it at dusk, at dawn, at every hour in between. I shot it when […]